Soap Scrubby

I’ve been saving up my bits of soap in the shower knowing that some day I would make something to put them in. I’ve become a very frugal person. Well, to a certain extent. I’ve made changes in our lives to save money and the environment.

Soap Saver

I found this great pattern for a soap saver at Joy of Life. It doesn’t look like she is blogging any more, but I figured I’d link her anyway. I am using Lily Sugar’n Cream mixed with tulle to make these. I cut the tulle into strips of about 1″ – 2″ and tie them together so I can use them. I use a strand of the yarn and a “strand” of the tulle. I like the tulle with the smaller holes. It is not as rough as some of the other tulle. I guess it depends on how scratchy you want your soap scrubby. I wanted it to have some texture to exfoliate but not enough to take my skin off!

I was really pleased with the outcome! It suds up really well. The first time I put it on the shower floor while the water is warming up to get the soap mixed into the fabric. After that it suds up right away. They are washable so I’m making extra so I can always have them around. Mom wants some now. I guess that’s what I’ll be working on next!


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