Simple Life

In an attempt to change our life style into a simpler life I have managed to make my hubbies life a little more complicated. It’s alright in the long run he will thank me for the compost and fresh vegetables, if I don’t manage to kill them all this year.

First, we (HE) built a raised garden. We are both completely jealous of the old man down on the corner. I sear that man has never done a thing in his garden. I’ve never even seen him plant anything! Still every year it grows and grows and grows! It’s a miracle I say! From what other people say he wakes up before dawn and does it all. I like to think little elves do it and would love to know how to get some to move into my yard! I’m willing to build them a little elf house even!

Anyway, yes, I ramble I’m pretty sure I mentioned that in my introduction. Our garden last year didn’t do all that well. I think we got one bell pepper and some tomatoes. The deer beat us to most of the tomatoes. Don’t get me wrong they did try to share. I just don’t like the idea of eating the other half of a tomato that a deer left me in her kindness. So this year we are trying it again. Instead of tilling the ground and adding stuff to it we built a raised garden and started from scratch. We are going to put some type of fencing around it. It may or may not help. We will see.

Here is my wonderful new raised garden. I will take more pictures later when I have wonderfully huge vegetables growing in it! 😉

Here is my poor hubby building my compost bin. He really is a GREAT husband! He puts up with me and all of my crazy ideas! Thank you Sweetie!!!


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