ER Trip

I went to the doctor yesterday to have a lesion removed from my left upper eyelid caused from sun damage. He doesn’t think it’s cancer but he’s sending it to pathology just to be sure. I was the last person of the day and by the time I got from Cumming to Dawsonville (about 20 minutes) it was hurting really bad. By the time I got my antibiotic from Kroger I was in so much pain I was crying. I ended up driving to the ER I was in so much pain.
The whole left side of my face was in pain. I couldn’t even touch it. The ER doctor thinks that the swelling from the eye put pressure on the nerve that zigzags down your face and that caused the pain. It took a shot of Morphine and then a shot of Diluadid to make the pain go away. They also had to give me Benadryl cause the Morphine made me start to itch really bad. They gave me something for nausea but with no food and two pain med shots I was pretty sick to my stomach. Good times! LOL! It feels better this morning, but the swelling has gotten worse and under my eye is swelling also. Blah!
Here I am this morning. Sorry I didn’t get all prettied up for you guys! I just didn’t have it in me. 🙂 Oh, do notice how clean and pretty my teeth are! I had to go to the dentist yesterday also!!! What a day!

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