Vegi Garden Update

The garden has been doing well, sort of. The plants are all huge! The bell pepper and banana peppers are doing great. The squash has put out a few, but it’s has a bunch of little ones on it now. The cucumber isn’t doing to bad. Still kind of small, but it’s trying and puts out one or two a week.

The tomatoes… well, I’m not sure about them. The were doing great, then the leaves started turning yellow, getting brown spots and shriveling up. I have tried pulling them off, but more turn. It seems to be doing a little better now. They are producing tomatoes like crazy, but they are splitting and getting bad spots on them before they even ripen. I tried taking them off early to ripen in the window but I’m still getting the bad spots on them within a day or so. Any ideas from the seasoned gardeners out there?

John, Mara, and Super Zucchini!

My zucchini has been doing extremely well as you can see from the picture above. I feel like I have to check it every hour or one of them will turn into super zucchini again! I have had a few try. Lately it is starting to wilt as you can see in the picture below. I’m not sure what is going on with it. It may be that they are planted to close or it has a disease. I hate to think that any of my plants have a disease after all the work we put into the garden. It says that we can’t plant the same thing there for like 3 years if we do!!! Is my garden doomed?


In this next picture you can see my watermelon if you look close. It’s that green round thing. See it? See it? I’m so excited! At the last-minute after the garden was planted I bought it. It sat in its sad little container for weeks and almost died while I was trying to decide where to put it. Finally I stuck it in the 3×3 empty space in the garden. Hmmmm… turns out it needs a lot more room! It has wound its way all around the garden and at last check I had 3 baby watermelons growing on it! Yippy!


I’m thinking next year I need to expand the garden.


3 thoughts on “Vegi Garden Update

  1. Jen, I used to grind up egg shells and put in the soil with the tomatoes. If your tomatoes have end-rot, if I recall correctly, it is because they are not being watered properly, i.e. the same amount at the same time each day.

    I also dusted my plants with 7-dust to keep those ugly worms from eating the plants. When they eat the plants, at first the leaves will look like lace until they get it all eaten.

    Lastly, I believe birds like to pick at them so I always took them in early and like you, I put them on the window sill, but in brown bags.

    I don’t know if any of this helps or not. I am a good one to give advice as this year my tomatoes aren’t doing well at all. It used to be that I got so many I had to give some away, not this year.

    Love to all.

  2. It sounds like you may have “Blossom end rot” on your tomatoes. That may be caused by a watering problem – either too much or inconsistent. Check the internet for details.

    Your garden looks good. Expanding is always fun. I more that doubled my garden this year.

  3. First I’d like to say thank you to my first two comments on my blog!

    I do have a soaker hose and a timer set up. I have it set to water every couple of days for 30 minutes. So, I guess I should set it to water every day… but for how long? I don’t want to over water, but I do want it to get down to the roots. Any suggestions on that? I’ve looked at the internet and they don’t really say how much to water everyday.

    I’m also having problems with getting bad spots on the tomatoes. even if I pick them early they start getting the spots in a day or so. Any idea on this? 🙂

    I am so excited that my garden is doing well finally! It’s taken several tries to get one to grow. LOL!

    I do think I’m going to try the brown bag idea. Every time I bring home fruit from the store it seems I bring home a whole new swarm of fruit flies with me. I hate those nasty buggers! I put any going bad fruit or vegies on foil in the oven over night and in the morning I close the door and cook them for 10 minutes on 350. It does wonders! Hehe! Cooked fruit flies anyone?

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