Well, I went to the Neurologist this week and he tested me for neuropathy and I don’t have it! I do have cubital tunnel syndrome which is similar to carpal tunnel, but in the elbow. He said it’s mild and I just need to try not to lean on my elbows. Ugh, I’m a leaner! I have been my whole life. It’s a good thing my parents weren’t a “get your elbows off the table” kind of parents. Or maybe it’s a bad thing. Do I have them to blame for this problem? I think so! LOL! I guess I should start being one of those parents so my kids can have the chance to escape this syndrome! 🙂

He gave me a new medication for the migraines and it worked! After 6 days with a splitting headache I am free! It didn’t make me feel sleepy or loopy. This is the best news! I’m trying to get a new job and I don’t want to have to deal with migraines! In the past I just went to work and put on my happy face even though my head was throbbing. I pushed through the day and nobody had a clue unless I told them. I’m good like that.

Along with the disappearance of my migraines my Sjogren’s flare is over. Happy dance!!! It was a small one since I’m on the Cymbalta. Between these two new meds I’m like a new person. It is a wonderful feeling!

Have a wonderful day!!! 🙂


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