I was reading Mutiny on the Body and they had a great posts about doctors visits. One thing they mentioned was to keep a journal. This is the best idea and something I have been doing for about a year now. If it wasn’t for my journal I’d be lost!

I use post-it tabs to find the sections easily

Here is what I keep in mine:

Diagnosis – I don’t remember half of what is wrong with me unless it is bothering me at the time. I put it all in this section with the dates of when I was diagnosed.

Tests – The doctors always want to know when you had and MRI or x-ray. I keep a record of the type of test, the date and where I had it so if they need the results they know where to find it.

Surgeries – I’ve only had a few simple ones so this one is easy. Remembering the dates is not!

Medications – I keep my list of all my meds that I’m on with the dosage and the date I started them. If I go off that med I just put an “X” by it. This way I know what I have tried, what worked and didn’t work.

Doctors – It’s much easier having all my doctor information in place. It makes it so much easier to make appointments or get my referrals.

Allergies – As I’m getting older this list has gotten a tiny bit larger. It seems I’m developing allergies to things that I have taken all my life.

Appointments – This part is a life saver!!! I keep all my appointments here so I don’t forget and check them off when I’ve gone.

Family History – This is great when visiting a new doctor.

Diary – I keep this part so I know when something started and how bad it was on certain days. The doctors always want to know specifics. Gosh!

Keeping my journal has made life so much easier. I carry it to every doctors appointment that I have. I don’t have to keep up with appointment cards any more. The best part is when I am seeing a new doctor I have everything in one place when I have to fill out all the forms! It is also a great tool if there is an emergency. You family or friends will have all your information for the doctors. The last thing we need is stress in our lives and a journal helps cut out a little bit more. 🙂

Do you keep a journal? If so what do you put in yours?

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


4 thoughts on “Journal

  1. I am so glad I am not the only one who has trouble remembering who/what/when/how/why. I keep my journal on my iPad and I have an app that makes charts for me so I can show my doctor a picture of whatever I am tracking at a glance. Thank you so much for your comments and expounding upon our idea.

  2. Keeping a journal like that sounds like a great idea. I have all kinds of notebooks lying around; I don’t see why I can’t grab one of those and start a similar journal to yours. It would certainly help if I know which doctors have which information and when.

    Also: thanks for stopping by my lj! I haven’t had much feedback on my idea to make a blog like this, and I also didn’t know where to look for others. I’m more likely to create it now, if I can just think of a name I like. I’ll probably keep dropping by here and looking through your links, so thank you also for that.

  3. No problem! I think it’s great to see what others are going through so we know we are not alone. Sometimes I think I’m crazy and then see someone else with the same problem and realize no, I just have Sjogren’s!

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