Inner Peace

I thought was happy the  in past. As it turns out I just thought I was happy. I’m sure I was happy in most ways. I enjoyed my family, friends, and life in general. There were a few issues that caused stress and brought me down at times, but in general things were good.

I’ve noticed that the past few months most of those issues have gone away. I still have the Sjogren’s but my symptoms are much better. My family life has been wonderful. I’ve been able to do many of things that the Sjogren’s had stopped me from doing. In the past few weeks I have noticed a new feeling. It can only be described as elation. I look around my home and think of how lucky I am. I think of my sweet adoring husband and know how lucky I am! The kids have been amazing.

I think I have finally found my inner peace. I realize that now… I am truly happy. It’s a new and wonderful feeling and I am cherishing every moment of it!


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