Feeling Old…

I see this way to often now...

When I was younger I’d wonder how my grandparents could get up at 5 am and stay up til 10. I’m still wondering that same thing today. In the past few years I have started waking up earlier, and earlier and earlier! I’m getting old! I’m supposed to be up all night watching TV and hanging out. Now, I wake up around 5:30 am and sit on the deck with my coffee. If I make it correctly.

Yesterday I forgot to put the coffee in the coffee maker and it’s the dispensing kind and my mugs are dark brown inside, so I didn’t realize it until I took my first sip and was trying to figure out why it was so darn weak!!! Then it hit me, there was no coffee in it! Lucky for me I put cocoa, cinnamon and Splenda in it so it was like drinking hot chocolate and not hot Splenda water. I did remember to put the filter in at least. I took extra care this morning with my coffee. I had to get it right the first time!

So anyway… yes I wake up at 5:30 every morning now. Between 9pm and 10pm I am ready for bed. Grandma used to stay up a little later than that. The thing is I pretty much have to take a nap everyday. At least 2 hours. I don’t remember Grandma ever taking a nap! Hehe! Like I said I am getting old. Well, I do realize it is just the fatigue from the SJS, but it still makes me feel old.

I go to the Neurologist today to find out the results of my neck MRI and my EEG. I have already had brain MRI’s and they didn’t find anything. It’s so sad to hear that. I was pretty sure I had something up there! So, I’m not very optimistic about the EEG. If they didn’t find anything in the brain MRI then I don’t think I’ll have any brain waves. 🙂

Gotta joke about this stuff you know? It’s the only way to get though it. Laughter is was gives us hope. Who wants to sit around feeling sorry for themselves all the time? Apparently there are a lot of people out there that do. I don’t understand it. My life isn’t over because of Sjogren’s it’s just different.

You all have a wonderful day today! Find something to laugh about!!!


One thought on “Feeling Old…

  1. I agree getting up earlier just makes the day better. Trying to do a better job of that myself, but I’m not quite as old as you, so 6:30 works just fine form : )

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