Negative Twenty

It started months ago sitting in the parking lot of the local Thai restaurant. My friend and I made a pact to lose 15 pounds by a certain date. I don’t remember the month we decided or the date that we were supposed to end. She was the one that was keeping track of it. I wrote it down on my to go box but of course I ate it and tossed it. I ate the food not the box. I wasn’t that bad!

The date came and went and I had lost 10 pounds. I didn’t make the goal, but I didn’t give up. By then I was on Weight Watchers online I kept up with it since I was determined to do it! I finally met the 15 pound mark and set a new goal for 20 pounds. That last 5 pounds have haunted me!!! Well more like the last 4 oz. Every Monday I get on the scale and I’m always 4 oz short of losing my 20 pounds!!! Well, this morning I got on the scale, because I had a feeling… and I was right!!! I made it!!!! I was beginning to think that it was never going to happen. I have been stuck for 4 weeks and I made it!

Woohoo!!! I am now officially below 140!!! When we started I was 160 so that is the weight I’m going by but I had already lost 7 pounds so in reality I have lost 27 pounds!!! I’m so proud of myself!

I have been trying for years, but had not been able to do it. Weight Watchers is what did it for me. I’m glad I had finally broken down and spent the money to do it. I always thought diet??? Ugh, I’ll starve and I did, but not on WW! You get 29 points a day to spend. I ate normal the first 2 days and only used 11 points. It turns out that I was starving my body of the food it needed. In turn that made my body store it all away. WW taught me to eat better and more! They also helped me lose 20 pounds!

Have a wonderful day!!!


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