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Ahh, my life sort of!

The years have gone by and I realize that I pretty much suck at blogging now! LOL! Back in the day I used to write a post or multiple a day! I guess I finally got a life! Well, I got married again and so much was going on! I’m hoping to get back into blogging more. We’ll see what happens.

My life has changed so much! I don’t work any more. My stress level is way down so I don’t suffer from the horrible flares as much. Thank God!

I suffer from sever clinical depression and have had some major up and downs with it. A post for another day…

My daughter is about to be 20 and my son just turned 17! Where have the years gone?

My kitchen remodel is almost done!!! I’m sooooo close! I have to paint the doors on the bottom cabinets and put the flooring down in the pantry and it will be done! I am so excited!

My craft room is almost done also! Once the kitchen is done I plan on finishing it. I have one more cabinet to put together and my sewing tables to make! Again, soooo close!

Speaking of crafts… I have attacked everything to comes along craft wise. Well, ones that I want to try. I have gotten brave and if I like something I attempt to make it! I’m pretty proud of myself! I never thought of myself as being crafty.

Building the deck is next and organizing the garage!

I have found an amazing friend! I’m so happy to have met her! We are so much alike it is scary!

Ummm, I guess I’m done for now. LOL! I’m having trouble remembering my life. LOL! It’s OK, it comes and goes!

Have a great night!