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The future of our innocent?


Police said around 2:30 Friday morning, they found the Melissa Tomesh in her truck, facing the wrong way on the road.
“A concerned citizen called us this morning and noticed a vehicle in the roadway, (and) the driver passed out,” Roswell police officer Lisa Holland said.
Police said Tomesh’s truck was still running and she was sleeping in the driver’s seat and breastfeeding her child at the same time.

“When the officers arrived they had to wake up the driver and after talking to her, they realized she was under the influence of something, possible drugs, or a combination of different medications,” Holland said

This is so sick!!! Who does this!?! One of my best friends knows the other side of the family in this case. They have been trying to get custody of this poor child. I know this is a horrible situation but at the sametime, thank God. This child will be able to get out of this environment now. She will not have to wait for the judicial “process”. I know they are backed up and there are so few that care enough for what they get paid but it is how our country works. We (government) spend so much money on people that have never paid taxes but they can let a 3 year old American child suffer this type of abuse? Yes,  this is what she was caught doing but you know it is a situation that is beyond what we can think of for this poor innocent child. Please pray for this child and her family to get through this terrible time. In the end it will be good for them all but they still have a long path to travel.