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Cleaning Away!!!

Update 1/9/16 –I realized that I am a bit lazy when it comes to making cleaning supplies. I now use vinegar and baking soda for most of my cleaning. I just don’t toss in all the other stuff. (That is the lazy part) My husband got a job way back when so I’m not to worried about the money part anymore but I still rather not buy all that crap. I do still buy 409 because it’s just awesome!

 I found a bunch of wonderful recipes online to make my own cleaning products! It was fun making them and decorating my bottles. I used bottles from all of my store-bought cleaning products so I’m reusing!

Update 1/9/16 – After using this for about a year my whites weren’t all that white so I went back to store bought. The first one that I made was the Liquid Laundry Soap from The Duggar Family! So far it I love it! It works great. I’m not sure if I did something wrong since it set kind of clumped up into think solid balls of gel with liquid. I smashed them up and put them in my old laundry bottle and I just shake it well before use. It still works great!

Update 1/9/16 – I got lazy. I toss in baking soda and vinegar or buy some. The next thing I tried out was the toilet bowl cleaner from Everything Homemade. This product works really good also! It got my toilets really clean. I didn’t have liquid castille soap so I took a bar and dissolved it in a gallon of water and added some tea tree oil.

Update 1/9/16The Best Homemade Bathroom Cleaner Ever is also from Crunchy Betty. I love love love this stuff!!! When I moved in to our house a few years ago there were some stains in the bumps of the shower floor. I have tried everything… I mean everything to get them out! None of them worked so I figured I was stuck with them for the rest of my life or we’d have to buy a new shower. My husband has enter us in the DIY drawings many times for new bathrooms or for your house and as of yet we haven’t won. 😦 I took this cleaner to the bathroom and decided it was time see if it worked and guess what happened??? Did you guess? HUH? HUH? It got those nasty stains out! I was so excited with how it worked! I haven’t tried the 2nd best yet so I don’t know how well it works.

Still using this one – Now at this point I have to tell you I really love Crunchy Betty! She has great ideas! Next on the list is the Daily Sparkly Shower Spray. Now it is daily and I just cleaned the bathroom, but so far it seems to be working great. I need a little bit longer to be sure, but since it’s from her site I’m sure it will work great!

Still using this one Update 1/9/16 – I have to say that I DO use this one still. It is still better than Windex! One more from Crunchy Betty! Her Alvin Corn Glass Cleaner. Now I will say that I have always been a Windex snob. I have tried others and they steak and I just feel like the mirror is not clean. Saying that I have to tell you that I didn’t go into this one feeling hopeful. To my surprise it worked great! I was amazed! It may be better than Windex! It was clear that I felt a little strange looking at my reflection. It was so freaking clear!!! I felt like I could just step through to the other side. Hehe!

After making and trying out all of these homemade cleaners I can say that I truly recommend all of them. All of the items were easy to find and pretty cheap. When you think of how little you use for each recipe it’s wonderful! Think of how long it will last you for CHEAP!!!

Many of the sites said to spray vinegar in the dryer to prevent static. I started doing it and I haven’t had any static! I think vinegar is one of my favorite things. It can do soooooo much!

Speaking of vinegar there is one thing that I’m not happy with… I started cleaning my floor with it awhile back and it leaves a film on the floor. I don’t get it. It’s vinegar!!! I have tried it straight. I have tried it mixed with water. I have tried heating it up! No matter what I do it leaves a film. When we walk on it you can see all of out foot prints. If we slide something you can see the tracks for it. Many others swear by using vinegar to clean their floor, but for some reason my floor seems to not like it. I have a darker laminate floor. If you all have an idea for what I should do please let me know. I’m about to go buy a floor cleaner. My brother has one and his floors always look great. I hate the idea of buying commercial cleaner! Ugh! I may have to turn to the dark side…

I am almost out of my dishwasher detergent so if you have one for me to try leave the link!

Happy Christmas Eve all!!!



To Hell and Back…

It turns out we have illegals in our home. Now don’t get me wrong. If they take the correct course and come in legally I don’t mind. Pay your way and be a part of our community, but just sneaking in unknown and not contributing properly is not the way to go about it. The culprits or should I say culprit is Boots! Oh he looks all innocent with his cute kitty face, but in reality he was sneaking in illegals! His accomplices, Kenzie and Fiona. Too tell you the truth I don’t know if they suspected in the beginning or not. I think they were truly innocent to his evil ways, but by the time they realized that he had gotten them in the house and was using them to harbor his illegals it was too late.

Unfortunately since I have no proof Boots has gotten off with out penalty. Kenzie and Fiona on the other hand had to pay for his crimes. They had to get… A FLEA BATH!!!

About a month ago I reminded my dear husband to put the flea medicine on Boots. About three weeks later I realized that the vial was still in the box unopened! I didn’t think anything about it. I hadn’t seen signs of fleas, so we just put it on him and went on our merry way. A few days ago I was holding Fiona and saw FLEAS!!! The world ended at that point, or so I thought. I checked poor Kenize and she was infested with the darn nasty critters also. Fiona and Kenzie are the inside cats they don’t get flea medicine and have never had fleas.

Yesterday I went out to PetSmart to get the appropriate items, flea shampoo and medicine. I know Fiona has a dislike of water, but apparently it is getting worse in her old age. I got her in the tub and that is when it all started. She may have been in there for .1 seconds before she started levitating. Did you know that a cat can climb a smooth shower wall? Her feats were amazing in her attempt to get out. They were also extremely painful to me!

She bit me she scratched me she tried everything she could! I think she is part pit bull! She got two of my fingers at separate times. Once she latched on she would not let go. They are still throbbing today. At one point she got her claw latched into my leg and couldn’t get it out. She was flinging herself around wildly in her attempt to get out of the tub and had no concern for the claw that was attached to me. I tried my best to hold it to my leg since my skin has the ability to stretch when pulled. I tried to get it out and no matter what I tried it I just couldn’t do it. I screamed and screamed for help and finally after a few minutes the family all showed up at the bathroom door. It took another few minutes for my hubby to get the darn claw out!

After that part of the show was over the family all ran out of the bathroom and closed the door on me. Fiona flung herself out of the tub but did not make it to the door in time. It was closed and she was trapped with a very pissed off mommy. Holly yelled to just give up, but after what I had gone through already there was no way I was giving up!!! I pounced on her and tossed her back in. We fought we struggled. We almost drowned. In the end, I won. She got her bath…

It was a hard battle and I WILL NEVER be giving her another bath as long as she lives! I may have won, but she sure did get in a few hundred really good shots at me.

The arrow without hole by it was a really large hole. Not sure how good you can see it. It’s a good thing those shorts are too big for me now. They are pretty much shredded. I was covered in water from head to toe. The bathroom was a small pond.

This is Fiona the evil one…

Do you see she even had the nerve to stick her tongue out at me when I took the picture!!!

After Fiona I need a few hours to have a couple of beers and cigarettes to recover from the trauma.

It was Kenzies turn. Now, she is my sweet baby. She just stood there and yowled the whole time. She didn’t try to bite or scratch. She was perfect.

Here is my sweet baby Kenzie…

Well, thank God that drama is over. The illegals are gone and my kitties are happy again this morning. They seem to have forgotten the dramatic events of last night. I wish I could forget. I am nursing my fingers back to health. Unfortunately, I have to use one of them to type and it is now throbbing worse.

***Now hiring a strong-willed thick-skinned cat bather. Please leave a comment if you are interested***

Soap Scrubby

I’ve been saving up my bits of soap in the shower knowing that some day I would make something to put them in. I’ve become a very frugal person. Well, to a certain extent. I’ve made changes in our lives to save money and the environment.

Soap Saver

I found this great pattern for a soap saver at Joy of Life. It doesn’t look like she is blogging any more, but I figured I’d link her anyway. I am using Lily Sugar’n Cream mixed with tulle to make these. I cut the tulle into strips of about 1″ – 2″ and tie them together so I can use them. I use a strand of the yarn and a “strand” of the tulle. I like the tulle with the smaller holes. It is not as rough as some of the other tulle. I guess it depends on how scratchy you want your soap scrubby. I wanted it to have some texture to exfoliate but not enough to take my skin off!

I was really pleased with the outcome! It suds up really well. The first time I put it on the shower floor while the water is warming up to get the soap mixed into the fabric. After that it suds up right away. They are washable so I’m making extra so I can always have them around. Mom wants some now. I guess that’s what I’ll be working on next!

Q-tip Basket

I recently had to start doing eye cleanses which involves dipping q-tips in a baby shampoo/water mixture and rubbing it on the edges of my eyelids. The joy of dry eyes! This is supposed to help my eyes and help my brand new plugs in my eye ducts. By the way, I love the new set. The first plugs were too small and kept popping up and I was pushing them back in all day and they rubbed on my eyelids. After a week of that they fell out on their own. The new ones are the next size up and they stay in! I can’t even tell that they are there. I even have tears in my eyes now! My eye drop usage had dropped greatly. I’m not waking up 4 or more times a night to put drops in my eyes! Yippy!

Q-tip Basket

OK, my dry eye rant/celebrations is over. Back to my regularly scheduled post on my q-tip basket! So, like I said I have had to use large amounts of q-tips and to tell you the truth… I’m lazy. I like things to be easy. My q-tips belong in the cabinet in their original packaging. Well, after a few days that package then belonged on the counter. I got tired of seeing it on my counter and having to open the little flap to get inside and try to pull a q-tip out. That is when I began dreaming of something to hold my q-tips on my counter that was cute and of course handmade. Here is my nifty q-tip basket!!!

This is part of a set that can be made. I made the large one and decided to fold it. I’m not sure as to what the height ended up being. I just made it taller than the q-tips and on the fold I crocheted in the front loop only for that round. This was an easy and fun project to work on.

Have a wonderful night!

I found this patter on Raverly: Vanity Basket Trio by Julia Kroyan