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Hippie or Not?

As the past year has gone by I have been trying to find ways to save money. I’m all about saving the earth and what not, but that was not my original concern. I know… I’m a bad person. I haven’t had a job and after my husband retired from the Air Force he didn’t either for about 8 months. It started out with us doing a garden and coupons and has snowballed from there.

~I try to grow most of our own vegetables. My winter garden failed miserably. The deer came and ate all my new baby plants! ***reminder to put something around/over my garden next year***

~I coupon, but it really does take up so much time that I’m not into it as much as I was at the beginning.

~I taught myself to crochet and made my Christmas presents last year and am working on them this year. I have to stop often because it makes my hands hurt pretty bad but I like doing it and seeing the finished product.

~I am teaching myself to sew.

~I started using vinegar and baking soda for much of my cleaning.

~I bake my own bread… with a bread machine of course! I make my own bagels and cook a week worth of pancakes to last the kids so I don’t have to buy poptarts any more.

~I started composting this year. We will see in the spring how I did on it…

~My recycle bin is overflowing and my trash can is not.

~I always try to reuse things or re-purpose them.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. While looking for recipes I found a new blog that I just love!!! It’s called Crunchy Betty and she has the best info and links all in one place! Here is the link to The Best of Crunchy Betty!

After my research today I went out to purchase all my ingredients and found them all at Walmart! I was very surprised since I haven’t seen the items at regular grocery stores. I am getting my oils online. I got my 5 gallon bucket at Firehouse Subs! Score! We got to eat lunch there also. I hope my laundry doesn’t smell like pickles… 🙂

I’m excited to start making my cleaning products and testing them out! I know many have been tried and tested over and over again, but there are always positive and negative comments so I’m starting on my journey to find the ones that work best for me. I will post them when I make them and try them out with the links to where I found them of course!

Now the question is… am I turning into a hippie? Where do I buy hippie clothes? Oh and that green stuff that they smoke too!!! J/K… Nah, I’m not a hippie, just a chick that wants to know what is in her products and save money at the same time!

Well, that’s it for now! I hope you all have a wonderful night!


Kitchen Scrubby

So I decided to toss my last sponge and didn’t feel like buying more. They get gross and no matter how many times I put them in the wash cycle of the dishwasher I just feel like they never really get clean. I came up with the idea to make my own. Now I know it’s been done before but not by me! I used cotton yarn and tulle to make them. The first time I did cotton on one side and a cotton tulle mix on the other side. I have decided that I want the scrubby side to be scrubbier so on the later ones I used only the tulle for the other side. They work great and I can toss them in the washing machine! I wash them by themselves in hot water. I made the mistake of washing them with my towels and towel fuzz is now embedded in the first batch. Blah! Another great thing is that they never get that icky mildew smell!

Felted Purse

I was so excited about the purse that I made for my S-I-L that I decided to give it to her for her birthday. I made myself a little one. That is the real reason I gave her hers. 🙂 I wanted to use mine, but if I did she would know what I made for her. I made the mistake of telling her that I was making me something similar.  Here is her purse!

Before felting…

After felting…

I realized I don’t have a pic of hers after I dried it. This pic has pins in it and card board to stretch it to the correct shape.

You can find the pattern here if you want to try it yourself!