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What can I say?

Every once in a while I tend to hide in my little hole and try to pretend the rest of the world does not exist. I’m not sure if I am done or not, but I am poking my head out to see what’s going on.

Here is a bit of what I have been up to the past month…

I found my bread maker! Well, I knew where it was, but have never really used it. Now I am using it like crazy! I haven’t bought a loaf of bread in weeks. The bad part is that it is so yummy the kids are acting like white bread is a dessert! What is wrong with them! I can barely make it fast enough!

Someone, the younger girl in our family, not saying any names… Kind of backed into our garage.

With my pretty car… 😦 Not so pretty now is it?

While running out my mom’s back door to save her from burning to death I managed to fall and sprain my ankle. Turned out she was yelling “I started the fire!” not “I’m on fire!”.

I may have had a nervous breakdown or two due to all the stress of the past few years building and building. I’m one that is fine and dandy and then I explode…

Due to all the stress I am now selling myself to the highest bidder. I mean most expensive beer. Just kidding. I thought this was cute and decided to add it. I’ll take all beer you offer though. Oh yeah, I’m making Christmas presents! That’s where the crochet part comes in. It helps with the stress.

So basically that has been my October. I also failed to note that my memory sucks this past week. I feel like there is more, but I just can’t remember it! LOL!




The busy time of the year has started! As I typed that last sentence I realized that I forgot to bring my son to Boy Scouts last night! Ugh!!! Sorry, I’ll get back on track. School started yesterday in our wonderful county. The kids were so excited… well, actually they didn’t want to go. Oh well, they will get over it. I had to do it all those years so they can too!

Everyone say “Hi Lisa!”

On Saturday we picked up our new exchange student, Lisa, from the airport. She is from Germany and a really neat girl! She seems to be getting along well. Yesterday I took her up to the school and got her enrolled. Today we go and finalize her classes and then she can officially start school here. We got her a phone for here in the states so she doesn’t have those awful roaming charges and got the basic toiletries and what not.

Both the kids seemed to “like” their first day at school. We had the normal complaints of teachers they don’t like already, but they will get over that also or just continue to complain throughout the year. This year John is in Scouts and taking Karate and Holly is in Color Guard. Which means pretty much everyday I will be running to take someone somewhere or going to get them and bring them home. The whole after school activities thing makes it hard to cook dinner, but what can a chick do? I did pull it off last night so I’m sure I might be able to do it again! Yea me!

I guess I’m pretty much rambling here. I haven’t posted in a few days and needed to get something up. 🙂 Have a wonderful day today and enjoy the quiet house with no kids… if your kids have gone back to school.

Inner Peace

I thought was happy the  in past. As it turns out I just thought I was happy. I’m sure I was happy in most ways. I enjoyed my family, friends, and life in general. There were a few issues that caused stress and brought me down at times, but in general things were good.

I’ve noticed that the past few months most of those issues have gone away. I still have the Sjogren’s but my symptoms are much better. My family life has been wonderful. I’ve been able to do many of things that the Sjogren’s had stopped me from doing. In the past few weeks I have noticed a new feeling. It can only be described as elation. I look around my home and think of how lucky I am. I think of my sweet adoring husband and know how lucky I am! The kids have been amazing.

I think I have finally found my inner peace. I realize that now… I am truly happy. It’s a new and wonderful feeling and I am cherishing every moment of it!

Flares and Heartattacks!

I have been doing pretty good for the most part. I have stayed pain-free. Well, when I say that I mean I don’t wake up with all the pain and stiffness and I can sleep at night without my hips and legs hurting and trying to find a comfortable position, the everyday pain. I still get the sporadic pain. The pain that comes and goes, but is not everyday pain. I’m not sure how the Cymbalta keeps me from not feeling the everyday pain, but can’t keep the sporadic pain away.

Anyway, all was going well until a few days ago. I knew I was in a flare due to the fatigue, but besides that with the Cymbalta it’s harder to tell when I’m in one. When I started taking it I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t move around much. It went away within the first day. The past few days it’s all come back. Not as bad as in the past, but it’s there. I’ve been waking up and having trouble moving around, feeling achy and low-grade fever. It’s made me think that with the pain I had when I started and it made it go away. How bad would my pain be now if I wasn’t on it? I don’t even want to imagine.

Now I’m pretty sure I know what caused this flare up. They say stress is a major factor. Well, I can tell you that on Tuesday of this week I was so stressed that I thought I was going to die. For real…

My daughter, Holly, got her learners permit. The DMV is about 20 miles from here and the guy behind the desk talked me into letting her drive home! I don’t know what I was thinking. She has NEVER been behind the wheel of a car. I must have been out of my mind, but she was so excited!!!

My first mistake was letting her back out of the parking lot! LOL! It wouldn’t have been that bad really, but the guy next to us decided to not pay attention that we were working our way out of the space and decided to back out also. I reached over and honked the horn and he stopped. She maneuvered a bit more and was getting close to getting out when he decided that we must be gone and started backing out again! Just before he hit us he realized we were there and stopped again. He finally pulled back in his spot to wait it out. He never looked to see if there was a car there or checked his mirrors. I wonder who gave him his license.

The ride home was quite eventful. We went off the road, got whiplash, were almost rear-ended, and almost drove straight into a ditch! I think I had 10 heart attacks before we got home! Besides all of that, ummm… she did great! (It tells us to be positive in the book) She is getting better, but she needs a lot of practice!

First time behind the wheel!!!


Sorry it’s been so long since I posted. Life has been difficult and those of you that know me know what has happened. It’s not something to post for the whole world to know. Things are going to be difficult for a while. This doesn’t involve my health, so that is a plus.

On the positive side the rest of my life has been well. I’ve been able to work in my yard and get things done. The pain that I had during the winter… well it’s not all gone, but it’s not at the level that it was at. I am able to get out and about and I’m not having to fake it as much.

I went to have lunch with my wonderful husband today on the square. We had a good lunch and a nice time visiting. We walked around a bit and found a bookstore called The Next Chapter. My hubby found a crochet book for me and I decided to buy it. Next thing I know… ummm… I think I’m going to be volunteering to teach basic crochet classes! LOL! I need to find a basic pattern that I can teach. I taught myself a few years ago and am still learning myself. It’s kind of scary, but I figure if I can teach them something basic and they like it and it becomes a lifelong hobby for them then it is worth it. I left my info and we’ll see if they contact me!

I have also lost 5.5 pounds on Weight Watchers so far! Woot!!!

Well, I’m off to bed for now. I’ll try and keep up better in the future!

Hello world!

I am a mother of a 16 year old boy, 19 year old daughter, 8 cats and 11 fish. I am a  wife to a man who is willing to put up with me, I live life the best that I can and deal with what it dishes out in my own special way. I have Sjogren’s Syndrome and  depression (plus other crap), love to crochet and garden, spend as much time outdoors as possible, and a little bit of everything in between… I enjoy pretty much anything that is new but I’m far from being an expert on anything!

A few years ago my life changed yet again. I went through a divorce and married the man of my dreams. Funny thing is, it all started with a blog. Before my separation I started a blog about my life and concerns with my marriage. I blogged religiously. There wasn’t a day that went by without a new post or several. A few months after I started, my marriage did end. We separated and went our own ways. While blogging I met many wonderful people online. Many who I still talk to today and one that I married.

The first time I saw his blog I felt a strange connection to him. We were both going through similar things so I just wrote it off to that. We commented on each others blogs for a few years and that was it. One day I decided to add one of those chat things on my blog and he decided to chat with me. From there it led to the phone and eventually we met in person. By the time we met in person I already knew he was the one that I was meant to be with.

A few months later I moved to Florida. My son and I were going to live there until Stephan retired from the Air Force. I was supposed to be there a year and a half. I moved there on a Friday. I was excited to start the next phase of my life. It was great! We were three blocks from the beach and starting a new family.

Then Tuesday rolled around… my new husband to be came home with orders to go to Turkey for a year! I ended up living in Florida for three months and moving back to Georgia. We got married on November 25, 2009 and he left for Turkey on November 26, 2009. For the next year we were back to our internet relationship. Only this time instead of a state away we were half a world apart! His daughter moved in with her mom for the year that he was gone and my son and I lived in an apartment  in GA.

During that year my health problems were getting worse. I finally went to a Rhuematologist and after a few tests and what not I was diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome. It can take many years to be diagnosed so I was pretty lucky that everything lined up just right. I’ve had symptoms for years, since my teens. I had never thought much of it. It was normal for me. At the time I would have flares, but they would only last for a few weeks or so. I mainly had stomach problems, fatigue, dry eyes, dry mouth, and brain fog. Things have changed a lot since then!

Before Stephan’s year was up in Turkey I got to go and visit for a few weeks. We made that time our honeymoon time! We had a great time. Turkey is beautiful. If you ever get the chance to go then go! There is so much to see. We also took a short trip over to Chios, Greece. We rented a motorcycle and rode around the island for a few days. It was amazing and just so free feeling. We didn’t make reservations we just went and stopped where and when we wanted to.

Stephan finally got to move back to the states and ended up in Alabama. He was four hours away this time. We decide that I would stay in GA since he would be there for less than a year. The time he would be there was also split between two school years. I decided to just stay here and keep my son in school here. His daughter wanted to move back in with him, so she moved from her mom’s to Stephan’s in AL. We all saw each other on the weekends during that time.

Again it was getting close for his retirement. He was figuring out the paperwork and what needed to be done. He was waiting for his Top Secret Clearance to be renewed and then he was going to drop his paperwork for retirement. Well… that didn’t happen. The Air Force with their super spy network found out and sabotaged our plans yet again! This time he got orders to go to Kosovo for six months. We had just bought a house in preparation for our family all being together. This time his daughter decided to live with me, since she would end up in this school in six months. She didn’t want to have to change schools yet again.

While Stephan was gone I lost my job. This gave me time to do a lot of the improvements on our house before he came home. This time before he came home he had all of his retirement in place. We weren’t going to take the chance of him being sent off again! He got back to the states in May 2010. He had a  little more than a month in AL before he could start his terminal leave. In July of 2010, a little more than 2 1/2 years after we got married, we FINALLY got to live together! For the first time in our married life we were living under the same roof!!!

He officially retired from the United States Air Force on September 1, 2010. Due to the job market it took a while for him to get a job. It was not easy during that time. Money was really tight. After nine months he found a job and has been there since.

At that time I was in pain most of the time and going to so many doctors that working, taking care of a house and a family seemed impossible. When I was working I couldn’t keep up. There were so many days that I came home and fell asleep and didn’t wake up until the morning. I didn’t have the energy to do it all. My memory was getting worse and there were many times that I could not remember how to do parts of my job.

My depression and anxiety was getting bad. I have clinical depression so I have been on medication most of my life. I started in my early twenties. I didn’t realize it how bad it was getting until it was too late. It tends to sneak up on you. I ended up in a mental hospital for a little bit but it really helped me turn around and get back on track.

After trying for a few years I was able to get Disability. Not working has made life easier. I still have issues but not as bad since I’m not pushing myself to do everything. Well, that’s the low down on the past few years, well eight years.

I will talk about my medical issues on this blog. It isn’t for sympathy it’s to let others that have the same or similar issues know that they are not alone and to educate those of you that just don’t have a clue as to what it is like for us. I’d also like to take a stab at educating those that think we are faking it and that it is all in our head. 🙂

I do my best to see the positive in everything no matter how bad it is. I use jokes to get through everything. I am not good when it comes to filters on my mouth or my hands so if you think you might be offended when I talk about the loony bin or any other crazy ass shit I say you might not want to visit here often. I can’t change what my life is. I can only try to make it better and not give up on the things that I love. This will pretty much be a blog of my learning experiences whether new or old. Come along for the ride or jump off while we are moving cause I’m not stopping!